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Grand Coulee Crane Controls Upgrade - Phase I & II

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When the Bureau of Reclamation needed recommendations to upgrade several of their cranes built in the 1970s - Coffman delivered. Coffman performed fifteen crane evaluations in fifteen weeks at Grand Coulee Dam. Technical reports were prepared, one per crane that contained a comprehensive list of data and the recommendations for upgrade. Our successful delivery enabled the Bureau to stay on schedule for future powerhouse upgrades that required the use of the cranes.

Coffman determined the operational status of each crane, performed an annual-type inspection for top level deficiencies, interviewed maintenance and operator personnel, reviewed the existing and as-built drawings, prepared sizing calculations for the hoist, travel and trolley machinery. Phase II was the preparation of final specifications and drawings providing final contract specifications and drawings to modernize the six existing cranes associated with the Third Power Plant.

Grand Coulee Dam Crane Rehab Coffman Engineers


Grand Coulee, Washington

Project Lead

Phil Pintor, P.E.