Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Utilities, federal government, industrial, and commercial customers are increasingly looking to battery energy storage technology to help provide cost effective energy services, from arbitrage, peaking and ramp rate control to spinning reserve, resiliency, and deferred T&D upgrades. Our experience in each of these market sectors positions Coffman to provide optimized battery energy storage solutions to support our Clients’ economic, operational, or risk mitigation goals.

HVAC design is critical for battery warranty and operational requirements. We understand that the batteries dissipate heat four ways: control electronics, cell balancing control, batteries during charging or discharging, and electrical cabling. Knowing the sources allows a better understanding of how to manage the facility systems. Additionally, knowing that the heat dissipation varies with discharge rates and increases with life of battery, will impact how the facility can operate with a given the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Battery racks are extremely heavy (750 psf) an require proper support, as well as anchoring for earthquake forces. Coffman can provide specific detailed anchoring and support, as well as specialized racking systems to limit lateral overturning loads.

Electrically, battery facilities can require a significant amount of auxiliary AC load to manage the DC system. We can work with project stakeholders to provide appropriate supply power and backup systems for reliability, as well as designing the facility to reduce the overall load that can significantly reduce the viability of the project.

We are a team committed to working closely with our clients to provide innovative design solutions that contribute to their success. Our engineers strive to understand the ultimate goals of a project; rather than just following design standards. This perspective results in creative solutions that provide maximum benefit to our clients.


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