Senior Acoustics Consultant, Christopher Barnobi to lead new department.

Coffman is pleased to announce the addition of acoustical engineering services to our multidiscipline offerings. Adding acoustics allows Coffman to offer a complimentary service to our multidiscipline portfolio and greater value to our clients. In April 2019, Coffman welcomed senior acoustics consultant, Christopher Barnobi to start and lead the new department.

Coffman’s new acoustical engineering department will offer acoustics design consulting from conception and planning, through design, construction, and testing. This critical service can enhance a built environment or reduce negative impacts from noise. Immediate applications of this service involve noise studies to support the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), noise control for mechanical systems, OSHA hearing conservation surveys, and assurance that building partitions meet International Building Code sound isolation standards. We are also prepared to support the special needs and requirements regarding privacy and acoustic performance for residential, healthcare, and educational facilities.

“Offering acoustical engineering services adds value to our other well-established services and fills a need for some clients who have been asking for this service,” said Jeff Weber, vice president, general manager of the Bay Area office. “We are fortunate to have Christopher Barnobi join the Coffman team to champion this new service.”

Through Christopher’s leadership, Coffman will develop this service in the Bay Area office and provide support to grow the discipline across all our offices.

Christopher is an experienced acoustical consultant and has worked in various industries including energy, transportation, development, and education from coast to coast. His recent projects have included detailed noise studies for a wind turbine installation in San Diego County, energy projects involving solar installations, oil and gas facilities, and transportation (auto and aircraft) noise studies to assess land use compatibility for noise sensitive residential, recreational areas, and school developments.

“Ever since a high school visit to the Sydney Opera House, I have been passionate about the study of sound and acoustics. I look forward to supporting the development of this new discipline at Coffman and providing this valuable service to clients,” said Christopher.