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Pipeline engineer

Pipeline Engineering

Insights gleaned from many markets.  Solutions designed specifically with yours in mind.

Piping systems can be complex and Coffman has the industry experience to provide customized solutions to increase the life and performance of your facility.  Coffman offers complete design and pipeline engineering services from offshore production processing facilities to bulk product storage, pipelines, and truck, rail, and aircraft dispensing and hydrant systems.  

Our cost-effective services minimize waste volumes, downtimes, and environmental impacts associated with many maintenance tasks.  We encourage open communication with all team members, vendors, clients, and fabricators to assure our projects are successful.

Our experience includes process and fuel piping design, in-line inspections, and tank projects across the Pacific Rim including Japan, Russia, the Pacific Islands, Hawaii, California, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and Alaska.  Our team has worked at numerous military installations including remote air stations and radar sites throughout Alaska and the Pacific.

Owners and operators have come to rely on Coffman’s ability to supplement their in-house capabilities with our energetic and innovative team.

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Jeff Gries, P.E. 907-276-6664

John Thielst, 808-687-8884

Whether your needs call for new design, maintenance, or redesigning existing systems, we work side-by-side owners and operators to reach optimal piping solutions.

Pipeline engineering