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Lighting design solutions

Lighting Design

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Lighting can be used to cue orientation, increase activity and provide desired impressions, which are important factors to be considered in the design of different spaces. Important considerations in our lighting design approach are color finish/light source coordination, spatial orientation, contrast ratios, atmosphere and economics. Light, its texture, color and form can improve the atmosphere of a space while remaining unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing.

We provide our clients with a well coordinated, energy-efficient lighting solution that is both maintenance sensitive and activity oriented. Our capabilities include:

  • Architectural Dimming & Control Systems
  • Building Lighting Management Control Systems
  • Energy Usage Analysis
  • Exhibit/Museum Lighting
  • Exterior Building & Area Lighting
  • Interior, Task, Accent, & Ambient Lighting Design
  • Landscape & Water Feature Lighting
  • Lighting Simulation Models
  • Urban Sky Glow & Light Trespass Issues


Chris Barker, P.E. 206-623-0717

Paul Jones, P.E. 206-623-0717

We work closely with the Owner and the Architect to offer illumination solutions through a unique combination of aesthetic lighting design and technical engineering expertise.

Lighting designers