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Forensic engineers

Forensic Engineering

We ask the right questions and find the right answers.

Accidents occur, systems fail, and investigations are required. Our engineers are well versed in design which translates into thorough research and strong testimony. We've investigated fires, building collapses, water damage, equipment failures, silo collapses, moisture concerns, plumbing failures, ventilation issues, electrical malfunctions, and settlement and drainage issues. Additionally, we are sensitive to the complexities and limitations of evaluating historical buildings.

Our forensic egnineering work consists of identifying the deficiencies through computational analysis and field investigations. We then assemble an appropriate team of professionals to thoroughly evaluate the existing conditions and identify deficiencies.  Then a comprehensive assessment report is developed that summarizes the findings of the investigation and provides practical upgrade solutions.

Our clients return to us time and time again because of our depth in forensic engineering and our understanding of the litigation process.


Craig Lee, S.E. 509-328-2994

Our staff has over thirty-five years of experience in property condition assessments and forensic investigations.

Forensic evaluation