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Marketing's Role in Change Management

October 31, 2017

More than ever before, companies are seeing changes in processes, leadership roles, and new applications. And although we tend to look at changes in our firms with fear, anxiety, and hesitation, change isn't all bad. Change is a sign of improvement to come, an investment that must be managed to maximize the benefits and encourage adoption.

Marketers are often catalysts for change, looking for the latest industry trends, technologies, and communication techniques to help put our firms ahead. But change can be difficult for engineers, architects, projects managers, and other technical staff members we support.

Co-authored by Skip Bourgeois, VP of Marketing and Beth Ito, Corporate Communications, check out the article "Marketing's Role in Change Management" published in Marketer magazine by the Society of Marketing Professional Services that addresses how to mitigate the change dilemma by building a positive culture of change. 


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