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Transportation engineers

Transportation Engineering

Now available: breadth, depth, and bandwidth.

Planes, trains, automobiles, cars, and ships are all-important methods of transportation. Heightened security requirements, limited budgets, and aging infrastructure require a multidiscipline team of engineers with the flexibility to adapt current technology within funding and time constraints. We offer this ability and have been working with airports, ports, municipalities, and depots for years. Transportation engineering projects often necessitate a team approach that is capable of understanding, analyzing and educating the public about multi-modal transportation, the balanced movement of goods and people, the transportation-land use connection, economic development, gateway treatments, and place making. Project elements and design requirements can include: creating multimodal corridors; ensuring accessibility and safety; maximizing development opportunities; crossing existing transportation infrastructure both manmade and those naturally occurring; transforming streetscapes; making and strengthening connections, and encouraging implementable planning and design solutions. Clients know that Coffman Engineers can provide experienced staff able to integrate all of the design considerations for transportation systems that work well today and tomorrow.

Coffman Engineers has provided seismic services to CALTRANS for its essential facilities including transportation management centers.

Coffman is familiar with Department of Transportation requirements.

Roadway transportation engineers