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Nordstrom retail design consultant

Retail Engineering

Insights gleaned from a dozen markets. Solutions designed specifically for yours.

Retail is often called the “commerce of culture.” We design to keep that commerce moving, understanding the need to make shopping areas exciting and welcoming tempered with a feeling of comfort and safety. We look to match the retailer’s signature brand in design and style. We also pride ourselves on the ability to develop a design that can be efficiently exported to any location. Clients can expect high-quality retail design whether it is a specialty store, department store, mall, or a "big box" store.

Coffman Engineers has provided structural design for Nordstrom for over 25 years.

“I have worked with Coffman Engineers for about 20 years. They give us top-notch engineering answers, and they can always be depended on to come through for us. And best of all, they’re really pleasant people to do business with.”

Bud Erickson, Nordstrom Vice President and Director of Design and Construction (retired)

Retail structural design