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Laboratory design consultants

Laboratory Design Consultants

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Coffman is a leading laboratory design consultant in engineering for biological laboratory design, including Biosafety Level (BSL)- 3 and BSL-3+ enhanced labs that meet all NIH requirements for “Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories.”  We also have extensive experience in laboratory design for research, analytical chemistry, biology, materials science, pathology, nuclear imaging, teaching, physics, and animal research.  Our laboratory designs are centered upon a philosophy of creating a safe, functional lab environment that meets guidelines and adopted codes such as NFPA, CDC, ANSI, AAALAC, and NIH.  We are currently using the latest calculation and modeling practices for evaluating airflow patterns near fume hoods and biological safety cabinets, and outside near exhaust stacks and fresh air intakes.  These practices reduce harmful airflow patterns in workspaces and dangerous re-entrainment of exhaust fumes into the building.  Their designs incorporate energy efficiency concepts, while giving careful attention to acoustical concerns, future maintenance issues, and occupant comfort.


Coffman's mission is to empower our team to deliver innovative engineering solutions focused on our clients’ success.


Our vision is to be a preferred engineering consulting firm that supports employee well-being, local office autonomy, diverse and sustainable growth, and positive community impact.

Biomedical laboratory design