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Alternative Energy Solutions

Design solutions for alternative forms of energy.

From providing power to remote locations off the utility grid or finding a more sustainable energy solution, Coffman’s alternative energy solutions will bring life to your project. Our experience includes designs for wind, solar, biomass, and recovered heat projects across the Western United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. An added benefit to you is our seamless coordination and sharing of technical expertise between our six offices to bring you the most knowledgeable experience for the latest alternative energy technologies. We can also provide multiple engineering disciplines on a project to provide excellent communication and coordination between disciplines.

Wind Energy

From site selection and permitting to tower selection and foundation design, our engineers understand what it takes to design a proper wind turbine. Coffman can also assist with bid preparation and evaluation, construction oversight, and inspection.

Solar Power

Our solar power designs include photovoltaic and solar thermal projects in regions ranging from rural Alaska to Hawaii and California. Our experience includes roof mounted and ground based systems as well as grid connected and stand alone configurations – large or small for both industrial and commercial applications.

Heat Recovery

Heat recovery has been incorporated into our designs for many years utilizing ventilation exhaust air, combustion gasses, and equipment thermal losses to heat direct spaces, heating water for building space heating, and preheating fluids for industrial processes.

Hydro Power

Although debatable in some areas as to its status as an alternative form of power generation, we have provided design for maintenance and equipment upgrade work at various hydroelectric facilities including electrical crane control upgrades, structural analysis of construction loads on various dam structures, gantry crane installation sequence, design of special load testing lifting for powerhouse bridge cranes, and a custom elevating work platform to be used by stator-rebuild crews.

Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers are typically installed to offset diesel heating costs in remote locations and provide an alternative source of power. Members of our design team have significant experience designing the fuel delivery, storage, system integration, and permitting for biomass systems.

Regarding wind towers - tower and generator sizing and selection should be completed concurrently to the permitting process.

We've provided civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical design for a 5 million BTU Biomass (wood chip) boiler heating system in Delta Junction, Alaska.

Alternative energy solutions for cold climates